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Patient Appointment Cancellations and No Show Policy

Cancellation Policy

Due to an overwhelming number of late cancellations and no show appointment events, Medcorps Asthma and Pulmonary Specialists is amending our policy to enable us to accommodate more patients on our wait list.

  1. Medcorps Asthma and Pulmonary Specialists requires at least 48 hour notice to cancel your appointment.
  2. 10 minutes late for your appointment is considered a no show.

We may be able to accommodate late patients if time is available. This is determined on a case by case basis.

If patient reschedules a late canceled appointment;

  • Cancellation will be document as a late cancel, not a rescheduled appointment and
  • $50 late fee will be assessed. Fee will be waived if patient is in hospital or ER, documentation is to be sent to our office. Fee will not be waived for transportation issues, not getting day off from work, oversleeping, forgetting appointment, etc.
  • Payment of late fee will be collected at the next appointment.Failure to pay late fees will result in dismissal from practice
  • Rescheduling a late cancel appointment does not negate the late cancel fee.
  • Our office not being able to confirm your appointment does not negate the late cancel fee.

After 2 incidents of late cancellations and/ or no shows, patients will be placed on same day appointment status for 6 months.

Same Day Appointment Status

When you have two incidents of cancellations with less than 48 hour notice given, been late and/or have not showed up for your scheduled appointments. The same day appointment policy is an alternative to being dismissed from Medcorps Asthma and Pulmonary Specialists practice.

  • For the next 6 months, you may call the office for a same day appointment. If an appointment is available, you will be seen by a provider at the time available. No medication refills will be called into your pharmacy. Refills will be addressed during your same day appointment.
  • This policy will remain in place for 6 months. If patient late cancels or not shows while on same day status, they will be dismissed from Medcorps Asthma and Pulmonary Specialists. After 6 months of same day appointment status with no incidents and all outstanding fees are paid, we will begin scheduling the patient’s appointments again.
  • If patient late cancels or no shows again, they are dismissed from practice

Our office may call to confirm your appointment, we still require 48 hour notice to cancel because we cannot always make these courtesy calls.


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